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Three middle class girls join a college and stay and study from the hostel. They are ragged by their seniors. Though initially they are not affected much. 
Soon they want to live a rich life like their seniors. So they try to follow their footsteps and get caught in a problem. 
What is it? where they are able to overcome it and what happens next forms the rest of the story. 
Director Perumal Kasi has made the movie with the youngsters as his target audience. Perumal Kasi has based the storyline on how the youth from the middle class are attracted by the lifestyle of the rich and get into wrong thoughts. He has conveyed a strong message through the movie. 
Madhan Kumar, dancer Vignesh, Harish Kumar, Niranjana, G V Aparna, Sai Dhanya, Haasin and Charumisa play the lead roles in the movie.  
All the actors in the movie are newcomers and they have all done their job well. The actors who play each and every character have delivered the right amount of expression and body language needed for that particular role. All of them have given soul to the director’s vision. 
Songs by K M Rayaan are youthful and energetic. Music by Sabesh – Murali works well for the theme of the movie. 
K N Akbar’s camerawork is impressive, especially the portions that are shot in Kodaikanal.

Rating: 3.5/5

By Naveen


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