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Although many good things have happened in the modern world due to technology, there are many problems along with it. Many people have even killed themselves because of online games.

During the lockdown period, several people who were addicted to online games lost their money because of online gaming.

The story of ‘E-mail’ is the problem faced by a woman addicted to online games. The film’s hero Ashok and heroine Ragini both love and get married and live together.

The heroine Ragini, who is very interested in online games, gets addicted to the game at some point. At one point she has a problem in an online game and gets into huge trouble.

Ashok tries to save his wife from that problem and puts his life in danger. Thus, the heroine decides to get out of these problems and find a solution. Was the heroine able to solve their troubles, what happens next forms the rest of the story.

Director S R Rajan  talks about the problems faced by women because of online games. The director has focused on the difficulties faced by women in the digital world and how to face them.

The story is very relevant to the current situation, a little more focus on the screenplay would have made the movie all the more enjoyable. There is an interesting twist in the climax which is very impressive.

Hero Ashok has delivered a convincing performance as the caring husband who tries to save his wife from her problems. With the entire story revolving around her character, Ragini has tried to carry the entire movie on her shoulder.

Rest of the cast have helped in taking the proceedings forward. Songs by Gavaskar are good and BGM by Jubin is impressive. Rest of the technical aspects are okay.

Rating: 3.7/5 

By Naveen


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