Drama – Review by Naveen


Kudos for the effort 


– Review


The story of ‘Drama’ is about what happens inside a police station when power goes off for a brief period. 
A cop is murdered during the power cut and an investigation follows to find out the murderer and the reason behind the crime. 
Directed by Aju Kizhumala, the movie has been made in a single shot and the entire cast should be appreciated for their efforts. 
Kishore’s dedication is clearly visible on screen and he has done a commendable job.  
Charlie shines in his role and creates the much needed impact for his character. 
Jai Bala understands his role clearly and has got into the skin of the character. 
Nakulan Vincent is impressive in the role. Rest of the cast are functional. 
Music by Bijibal could have been better. 
Cinematography by Shamsudheen has captured the proceedings in an engaging manner.

Rating: 3.5/5 

By Naveen

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