Dhanush’s ‘Captain Miller’ accused of plagiarism

Dhanush-starrer ‘Captain Miller’, which has been receiving rave reviews from critics and has been doing exceptionally well at the box office, is facing a setback.
Tamil writer and actor Vela Ramamurthy recently came forward, claiming that the story of the Arun Matheswaran directorial was ‘stolen’ from his novel Pattathu Yaanai.
He claimed that he had registered the story with the South Indian film Writers’ Association, and it had been allegedly used to film ‘Captain Miller’.
 “I heard that the story of ‘Captain Miller’ is based on my novel. My novel narrates the story of a man who joins the British Army and later leaves it to participate in the freedom struggle. I had registered this story with the South Indian Film Writers’ Association. But it seems like they tweaked it a little bit and made it as ‘Captain Miller’. I am also part of this fraternity. They could have very well asked for my permission and taken it,” the writer alleged. He also emphasised that plagiarism happens quite frequently in the industry and it ‘pains him as a creator’.
Despite accusations, Captain Miller continues to soar high at the box office. The period action film has grossed approximately Rs 89 crore worldwide.

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