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Neat family entertainer

Deiva Machan

– Review

Whatever happens in Vimal’s dream, takes place in the reality as well. Vimal is shocked by this and in the meantime, the marriage of his sister is also getting delayed.
The entire family is devastated by the delay in Anitha’s marriage. It is during this time, they get a good proposal.
However, Vimal gets a dream in which his brother-in-law dies in two days. What Vimal does after that.
Was he able to get his sister married. What happened to the brother-in-law forms the rest of the story.
Director Martin Nirmal Kumar has based the movie on the events that place around a marriage.
Right from the marriage proposal to sending the bride to the in-laws home, the director has incorporated everything in his screenplay.
The events are conveyed in an engaging and entertaining way. The director ensures that the proceedings doe snot get boring at any point and keeps with the lively presentation.
Vimal is back in his forte as a village youth and suits the perfectly. He delivers a neat performance without straining much. Bala Saravanan’s humour and dialogues have worked out well.
Anitha Sampath has done her part well and suits the role. Rest of the cast including Aadukalam Naren and Vela Ramamoorthy have delivered what was expected from them.
The scenes involving Deepa are a riot. Music by Godwin is impressive.
Kamil J Alex’s camerawork is colourful and suits the mood of the movie. Rest of the technical aspects are okay.
Rating: 3.5/5

Review by Naveen

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