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The film ‘DeAr’ revolves around the lives of Deepika (Aishwarya Rajesh) and Arjun (G V Prakash) who come from different backgrounds and are brought together in marriage.

Deepika, with her only flaw being loud snoring, struggles to find a suitable partner, while Arjun, an aspiring journalist, values his sleep. Despite their differences, they are married off by their families.

As the story progresses, the film attempts to convey the message that imperfections are inherent in every individual and that marriage requires both partners to evolve and accept each other’s flaws.

The performances by G V Prakash and Aishwarya are commendable, yet their chemistry lacks the depth required for a romantic drama. The supporting cast, including Kaali Venkat, delivers solid performances, enhancing the overall quality of the film.

‘DeAr’ features good music, visuals, and an engaging storyline, but exaggerated plot points undermine its credibility. Tighter editing could have improved its overall impact.

In conclusion, ‘DeAr’ offers meaningful messages but struggles to deliver them convincingly and entertainingly. It remains a mixed bag, with both strengths overtaking weaknesses.

Rating: 3.9 out of 5

By Naveen

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