Dada – Review by Naveen


Goes a full circle

ewKavin is an irresponsible college student who does not care about anything. Kavin and Aparna Dass study in the same college and they fall in love with each other. 

Aparna Das gets pregnant and decides to have the child despite Kavin opposing it. They both elope and get married.
However, Kavin continues to be irresponsible even after marriage. Aparna hopes that Kavin will change and become a responsible person.
But he does not change. When Aparna is in labour pain, he switches off his phone without picking her call. Angered by this, Aparna leaves the baby at the hospital and goes with her parents.
What does Kavin do after this forms the rest of the story. Director Ganesh Babu has taken up an interesting subject and has delivered it in a convincing and effective manner.
The movie does not become dry at any point and the audience is kept engaged throughout the run time.
Kavin has delivered a top notch performance. Be it as the irresponsible youth in the first half or the person trying to be a responsible father, Kavin has excelled in his role.
He makes the audience cry along with him during the climax portions. Aparna Das acts as the pillar of the movie with her acting. She brings the much needed impact for her role.
Rest of the cast including Bakkiyaraj, Aishwarya and VTV Ganesh have all done their part well. Jen Martin’s music compliments the theme of the movie. Ezhil Arasu K’s camerawork is impressive.

Rating: 4/5   

By Naveen


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