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Broken Script

– Review

Doctors continue to be murdered in Singapore. Police officer Jaineesh is determined to find the killer. On the other side, Rio Raj who is playing computer games all the time, is told by his sister an idea to play a real game.
Accordingly, he is said to be the winner if he breaks into an unoccupied house and takes some of the things there without being caught by anyone.
Accordingly, both of them enter different houses, who will win the competition among the two?
Has the serial killer been caught, how is he connected to Rio and his sister forms the rest of the story.
Directed by Joe Giovanni Singh has tried to present the movie in a different perspective and it has not worked out as expected.
However, the way in which he has presented the characters and the dialogue delivery of the actors are impressive.
Rio Raj has delivered what was expected from him and has done a neat job. It is surprising how he agreed to do such a character.
Gunalaan as the psycho killer does complete justice to his role. Rest of the cast including Jaineesh, Nabizhah Jullaludin and Moonila have made their presence felt.
Music by Praveen Viswa Malik is good. Rest of the technical aspects are passable.
Rating: 3.2/5
By Naveen

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