Bommainayagi – Review by Naveen


Fight for justice 


– Review

Yogi Babu, is a worker in a tea shop in Cuddalore. His entire life revolves around his family and dreams of owning a tea stall.

His world is shaken, when his nine-year-old daughter is sexually abused by influential men from the upper caste. Yogi Babu trusts the system and brings the accuseds before the law. Did he get justice.

What happens after that forms the crux of Bommainayagi. Director Shaan has tried to shine the light of how the working-class are treated when they demand for justice.
Dialogues are the major strength of the movie. The proceedings are kept as organic and realistic as possible making it easier for the audience to connect with the plot.
Yogi Babu has delivered an impactful performance in the role. The way he conveys the emotions of the character is really appreciable.
The way he takes the character arc from the beginning to climax is commendable.
Hari Krishnan, Subatra Rober and Aruldoss have all done their part well. Baby Srimathi is quite impressive in her role as well.
Sundaramurthy’s background score gels well with the theme of the movie. Cinematographer Adhisayaraj’s camerawork is impressive.
Rating: 3.5/5

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