Bhoomika – Review by Naveen

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Eco-horror story


– Review

Gautham along with his wife Samyuktha and son Sidhu work on a real-estate project for a Minister. Gautham’s friend Gayathri and his sister Adhiti join to help him in the project. 
The team goes to a mansion where the resort is expected to be set up. Eerie things start to happen during their stay. What happens next and what is haunting them forms the rest of the story.
The first thing that impresses the audience is the scenic visuals captured by cinematographer Roberto Zazzara. Director Rathindran Prasad has tried to convey an environment message with a horror background.
Aishwarya Rajesh delivers an earnest performance. Vidhu shines in the small portions that he appears in. Surya and Madhuri have done their part well.
Pavel Navageethan as the watchman is impressive. However, it is Avantika who steals the show with her performance. 
She has understood her character and delivered what was expected from her. Music by Prithvi Chandrashekar sets the right mood for the movie. 
Though there are several logical loopholes in the movie, the director has focussed on conveying the message strongly and clearly.

Rating: 3.5/5

By Naveen


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