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Daniel Balaji is the leader of a gang that cheats young girls in the name of love. This gang takes intimate videos of the girl and uses it to blackmail and sexually exploit them.
Ishaaon is a kabaddi player, his girlfriend’s friend also becomes a victim of the gang. Ishaaon decides to save his girlfriend’s friend and the rest of the girls from the gang.
What did he do? Was he able to take on the gang forms the rest of the story.
Director Mithran has tried to shed light on an important issue, but the movie does not create the intended impact.
The writing could have been better as some of the moments are cliched and the movie becomes predictable after a point.
Ishaaon is impressive in his role, but there is still scope for improvement. He shines in the action and romantic portions.
Pranali delivers a neat performance and brings in the much needed emotion for the film.
Daniel Balaji as usual shines as the villain and is terrifying in the role. Rest of the cast have also done their part well.
James Vasanthan’s music is good, especially in the action sequences. Rest of the technical aspects are okay.
Rating: 3.3/5  
By Naveen

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