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Touching upon an important issue 


– Review


Vidaarth is a theater artist who is also a farmer. He puts everything on the line to fulfill the wishes of his son to become a doctor.

However, things take a turn when Vidaarth’s son’s future is threatened due to the obstacles that he faces while taking up the NEET.

How did Vidaarth handle all of this, was his son able to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor forms the core plot of the movie.

Director S P Subburaman has touched upon a sensitive issue and has conveyed his intentions in an effective manner.

The director has raised an important question which will be a topic of discussion.

Some of the courtroom argument scenes are hard-hitting and as an audience

The movie which initially begins as a family drama, second half becomes a courtroom drama.

First of the half is very gripping, however the plot loses steam in the second half.

Vidaarth shines throughout the movie with his performance and delivers in an emotional role.

Rahman, who plays a cop in the first half and a lawyer in the second half has delivered a memorable performance.

Vani Bhojan as the mother is convincing in her role and has done a decent job. Rest of the cast including Krithik Mohan and Ramar have all done their part well.

Music by Raghav Prasad is good and is complimented well by Karthick’s camerawork. Rest of the technical aspects of the movie are passable as well.

Rating: 3.4/5

By Naveen

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