Ammuchi 2 – Review by Naveen


With a touch of nativity 

Ammuchi 2

– Review

Mithra wants to pursue her higher studies, but she has to face several hurdles including her father. 
So she informs about her decision to Arun, who arrives at the village to help Mithra realise her dream. 
Was Mithra able to complete her higher studies, how did Arun help in achieving her dream? 
What are the struggles that the duo face during the journey forms the rest of the story. 
One of the major positives of the movie is the way in which the local flavour has been captured beautifully. 
Be it the landscape, people, dialect or the traditions that are followed in the region, every minute detail is so authentic. 
The bonding and chemistry between the Ammuchi and the youngsters are a delight to watch. 
There are so many emotions that the characters go through, but everything is conveyed in a lighter vein. 
As far as the individual performances are concerned each and everyone of them including Chinnamani, Mithra, Savithri & Arun have all done their part well. 
Screenplay and dialogues by Prasanna is appreciable. Director Rajeshwar Kalisamy has ensured that the audience travels along with the characters. 
Vivek Saro’s music suits the mood of the movie. 
Santhosh Kumar SJ’s camerawork has captured the village aesthetically. 

Rating: 3.5/5 

By Naveen


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