Amigo Garage – Review


A different gangster movie

Amigo Garage

– Review

Mahendran wants to hang out with the people in the car shed Amigo Garage in his area since his childhood.

An unexpected chance makes Mahendran enter the garage. He develops a good relationship with its owner, GM Sundar.

From school to college, Mahendran goes there daily. At one point the Mahendran gets involved in a problem with a big shot in the locality.

How this incident changes the life of Mahendran forms the crux of Amigo Garage.

Director Prashanth Nagaraj has developed the story in such a way that it does not glorify gangsters.

The writing is in such a way that it does not justify everything that the hero does.

Mahendran shines as the boy from the middle-class. He fits the role of Rudhra convincingly.

The emotions of the character are brought out effectively and the action blocks are good as well.

Athira Raj as the heroine with a sad past does her part well. G M Sundar gets to play a crucial role and has delivered his best.

Rest of the cast including Deepa Balu, Dasarathi Narasimhan, Madhanagopal, Murali Chandran, Sakthi Gopal, Muralikamla and Siriko Udhaya have all done their part well.

Balamurali Balu’s music is good and gives the emotional connect. Camerawork by Vijayakumar Solaimuthu is impressive.

Rating: 3.4/5 

By Naveen

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