Ambu Naadu Ombathu Kuppam – Review by Naveen


Touching upon caste issue

Ambu Naadu Ombathu Kuppam

– Review

People from several communities live together at a village in Pudukottai. The people from the upper caste have a mindset that those belonging to the lower community should not come up in life. 
There is a constant clash between two big shots in the village. However, they put their differences aside to punish a boy who touches viboothi from the temple. The boy is killed by the big shots as an act of revenge. What happens next forms the rest of the story. 
Directed by G Rajaji, the movie touches upon the caste divide and untouchability in the society. 
The director has tried to deliver an important social and has succeeded in doing so. With most of the prominent roles played by newcomers, they have all done their part well. 
Sangagiri Manikkam, Harshitha Sri, Vikram Suruthe and Prabhu Manikkam have all done their part well. 
Cinematography by O Magesh is good. Music by Antony Daasan and James Vasanthan is good. Editing my Panneerselvam is good. Rest of the technical aspects are good as well.

Rating: 3.5/5 

By Naveen


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