Akka Kuruvi – Review by Naveen


Tale of two children 

Akka Kuruvi

– Review


‘Akka Kuruvi’ revolves around a brother and sister living in a poor family and their connection with a shoe.
There are several sub plots along the story. Maahin is a 11-year-old boy who studies sixth standard in Poompaarai village of Kodaikanal.
He has a sister Daavya who is studying in third standard. Daavya goes to school in the morning and Maahin goes to school in the evening.
Since the school is functioning on a shift basis, they share the same pair of shoes. Maahin is late to school everyday as he has to wait for Daavya to return.
Meanwhile, a competition is announced in the school and a pair of shoes is announced as the prize.
Maahin is determined to win the competition and practices for it. What happens next forms the rest of the story.
Akka Kuruvi is the official remake of the Iranian movie ‘Children of Heaven’. Director Sammy has handled the story with sensitivity. He has also added a few portions apart from the original which have also worked out well.
Master Mavin and Baby Dhavya are impressive. They have competed with each other and have outperformed each other.
Rest of the supporting cast have also done their part in a convincing manner. Music for the movie is by Isaignani Ilayaraja. His BGM elevates each and every scene in the film.
Uppal V Nayanar’s camera has captured Kodaikanal beautifully. Manikandan Sivakumar’s editing is good.

Rating: 3.8/5 

By Naveen

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