Ajith’s ‘Mankatha 2’ on cards

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It seems ‘Mankatha 2’ is finally in the pipeline. After Prasanna recently expressed disappointment about missing an offer to act with Ajitih in ‘Valimai’, Premgi Amaran replied by typing different symbols in cards indicating ‘Mankatha’ sequel.

When Prasanna asked “R u saying let’s play rummy”, Premgi posted a gif from ‘Mankatha’, where Ajith makes an entry from a theatre. The  conversation has hinted that Premgi’s elder brother Venkat Prabhu could make ‘Mankatha 2’ and Prasanna might land a role in the film.

Recently, Prasanna said, “I, from the bottom of my heart, thank each and every one of you, who with so much love wished and wanted me to be part ‘Valimai’.”

He said further; “I was equally thrilled that the talks were on and was hoping to make the biggest announcement in my career ever. But unfortunately, this wonderful opportunity to share the screen with our “Thala” isn’t happening this time.”

Prasanna added: “Inspite of the deep disappointment I am feeling all the more stronger with all your love. There is always a next time and am sure I will be playing that dream part opposite “Thala” sooner. I can not thank enough Mr. SureshChandra who tried his best for me. Love you all so much. Keep sending me your love. That’s all I’ve got.”


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