Agent Kannayiram – Review by Naveen


See-saw with secrets

Agent Kannayiram

– Review

Santhanam is a small-time detective who aims to make it big by solving major crimes. 
He lives away from his mother as he is born out of wedlock and was humiliated as a child. 
Soon his mother passes away and Santhanam has to return to his native. But, her last rites are performed even before he could reach the village. 
Santhanam is devastated by this and stays in the village for a few more days. 
During this period mysterious deaths continue to happen in the village. Santhanam decides to solve this mystery. 
How does he do that and what happens next forms the rest of the story. Santhanam is apt for the character of Agent Kannayiram and shoulders the entire movie. 
The character suits for his witty one liners and his natural body language provides more authenticity to the role. 
Riya has done her part well and scores in the scenes in which she appears. 
Rest of the cast including Munishkanth, Redin Kingsly, Ramadoss have all done justice to their respective roles. 
Director Manoj Beedha tried to maintain the same tempo of the original flick ‘Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya’. 
While the story and screenplay are okayish, the scenes seem to be incoherent. This affects the flow of the movie. 
Theni Eswar’s cinematography is good. Yuvan Shankar’s BGM suits the mood of the movie well.
Rating: 3.3/5 

by Naveen


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