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An all out entertainer

Aayiram Porkaasukal


– Review

Saravanan, who lives all by himself in his home in a small village near Trichy, is an idler.
He is averse to work and lives off the freebies offered by the government.
One day, Sarvanan’s younger sister, who does not know his true colours, brings her son Vidharth to him in the hope that he will be able to discipline the young lad.
However, the converse happens and Vidharth, who knows all about Saravanan, joins his uncle and begins to enjoy life.
It is under these circumstances that the Union government announces the Swachh Bharat Mission under which every rural household that chooses to build a toilet will be paid Rs 12000.
Saravanan and his nephew begin to construct a toilet.
However, they are too lazy to work and hire two labourers to dig the ground to lay the foundation for the restroom.
One of the labourers, George Mariyan, while digging the ground, strikes a pot containing a thousand gold coins minted during the reign of the Chola king Raja Raja.
What happens then is what the movie is all about.
Ravi Murukaya’s ‘Aayiram Porkaasukal’ keeps the audience entertained which is the sole purpose of the movie.
The story has some enjoyable humour sequences involving the lead characters.
The movie is not something extraordinary but stays true to the genre.
Saravanan delivers an impressive performance as does Vidharth.
The chemistry and the bonding between the duo is impressive and their combination has worked out well.
Comedy actors George Mariyan and the late Pawan Raj also deliver commendable performances.
Rest of the actors have also done their part well.
Banu Murugan’s camera work is good and Johan Shivanesh’s music works big time.
Rest of the technical aspects are impressive as well.

Rating: 3.8/5 

By Naveen

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