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Prithviraj breathes soul in this survival drama 


– Review

 The story revolves around a man named Najeeb who goes to Saudi Arabia to work but gets trapped in a goat farm, where he’s forced to tend to goats. The film depicts his journey to escape from there.

Prithviraj Sukumaran leaves his pregnant wife Amala Paul at home and travels to Saudi Arabia in search of better opportunities.

Upon arrival at the airport with his friend, they discover that the company’s officials have not shown up to receive them. After several hours, an Arab man approaches them and offers them a ride in his jeep.

Assuming he is from the company, they accept, only to realise later that they have been deceived.

They are forced into slavery and assigned to tend to goats.After spending several years in servitude, they hatch a plan to escape with the help of an African laborer (Jimmy Jean-Louis). Will their plan succeed is what the movie is all about?

Director Blessy has chosen a tough story to bring alive on screen but has done a commendable job of it. He is not in a rush to tell the story and takes his own time to convey the struggles of the protagonist.

Prithviraj Sukumaran has delivered an extraordinary performance as Najeeb. He has gotten into the skin of the character. His commitment for the role must be applauded.

Right from losing weight to his shaggy beard, black teeth and dirty nails, the actor has given his all for this role.

Gokul Suresh’s portrayal of Hakeem is also splendid, as is Ibrahim Kadeer’s portrayal of Jimmy Jean Louis. Amala Paul’s role as Najeeb’s wife is outstanding.

Sunil KS has done stellar work as the cinematographer as his visuals convey the mood effectively. AR Rahman has elevated the film to another level with background score.

Rating: 4/5

By Naveen

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