Aadhaar – Review by Naveen


Emotional journey 


– Review

Karunaas approaches the police station with his newborn child and seeks the help of cops to find his missing wife Rythvika. 

Directed by Ramnath Palanikumar, the movie speaks about the struggles of a migrant worker and the abuse of power. 
Though the premise might not be new, the director has kept the proceedings in a gripping manner through his non-linear narrative. 
The director has managed to keep the story simple and down to earth as possible. Karunaas gets to play an emotional role and aces with his acting. 
He makes the audience empathise with the character with his helplessness. He carries the entire movie on his shoulder. 
Bahubali Prabhakar is terrific as the cop and shows the negative aspect of the department in a convincing manner. 
Arun Pandian gets a convincing role. Riythvika plays the central character and makes complete use of the opportunity presented. 
Ineya and Uma Riya are impressive in their roles. Srikanth Deva’s songs and BGM blend well with the theme of the movie. 
Mahesh Muthuswami’s camerawork is impressive and has captured the raw nature of the events unfolding.

Rating: 3.5/5

by Naveen


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