A Harmonious New Year’s Eve Extravaganza: Priyanka NK and Nikhil Mathew Live in Concerts at Phoenix Marketcity



Phoenix Marketcity one of the premium malls in Chennai, is poised to usher in the New Year with an electrifying concert series featuring Super Singer sensations Priyanka NK and Nikhil Mathew. The dynamic performances are scheduled for December 30th, 2023 (Saturday) and December 31st, 2023 (Sunday), starting at 7 pm. The concerts are open to the public with free entry at the mall premises. The city can witness a vibrant culmination with the perfect package of music, food, performances, dance, DJing, singing, shopping, entertainment, and a whole lot more.

Priyanka NK and Nikhil Mathew, both celebrated artists in the music industry, will take center stage to deliver a vibrant fusion of music, dance, and entertainment. The duo, known for their chart-topping hits, promises to enchant the audience with a repertoire including Priyanka NK’s mesmerizing renditions of Malli poo vechi vechi vaduthu,Arabic kuthu,Per Vechalum,Ranjithame,Vaa Vathi alongside Nikhil Mathew’s soulful performances of Nenjukkul Peithidum, Oru Maalai, Mandram Vantha, Raja Raja Raja Raja sozhan – D, Nila athu Vaanathu Mele, Nira Nira, Ennai Thaalatta Varuvaala other popular melodies to make the evening truly magical.

Priyanka NK, a rising star in the music industry, is all set to take center stage with her enchanting voice and charismatic performance. With a repertoire that spans genres, she is sure to leave the audience spellbound, making the New Year’s celebration an unforgettable experience.

Nikhil Mathew: A maestro in his own right the winner of Airtel super singer, Nikhil Mathew is set to captivate the audience with his soulful renditions and versatile vocal range. Known for his dynamic stage presence, he promises to bring a blend of classics and contemporary hits, creating an ambiance that celebrates the essence of music.

An open to all event to create a memorable New Year’s Eve party at the Phoenix Marketcity Chennai.

About Phoenix Marketcity: A premier destination for luxury lifestyle, it provides guests a variety of opulent options. Phoenix continues to be “The” destination for the most affluent and sophisticated residents of the city as well as expats thanks to its truly international appearance and feel, elegantly decorated interiors, and the best of food, fashion, and entertainment from across the world. The mall provides Chennai with the most extensive and appealing lifestyle shopping experience. The stores represent a comprehensive mix of international, national, and regional luxury brands. Phoenix Marketcity in Chennai is more than simply a mall; it’s a confluence of fascinating cultures, lovely clothes, and high-end couture. A city within a city, in an urban setting with coexisting shopping, entertainment, and leisure options.

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