Phoenix Marketcity to host a Kids-only Christmas Carnival with Exciting Fun Activities and Interesting Games


Phoenix Marketcity to host a Kids-only Christmas Carnival with Exciting Fun Activities and Interesting Games

 ~ The carnival is set to take place on24 December, 2022, Saturday from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM ~

  Christmas season has always been about food, fun and shopping. As part of the Christmas celebrations, Chennai’s leading premium mall, Phoenix Marketcity is all set to host a Christmas Carnival for kids at Palladium on December 24th, Saturday from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The carnival will also have fun DIY activities like clay and pottery activities, painting workshops, greeting card making competition, cookies baking activity and some fun games to engage and entertain kids to be part of this carnival.

A green and pink themed Christmas tree is also set up at Palladium to enthral the visitors. The Christmas evening will have all of eight Santa’s reindeers showcasing their dancing prowess around the grand Christmas fountain at Phoenix, Palladium.


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 About Phoenix Marketcity: A premier destination for luxury lifestyle, it provides guests a variety of opulent options. Phoenix continues to be “The” destination for the most affluent and sophisticated residents of the city as well as expats thanks to its truly international appearance and feel, elegantly decorated interiors, and the best of food, fashion, and entertainment from across the world. The mall provides Chennai with the most extensive and appealing lifestyle shopping experience. The stores represent a comprehensive mix of international, national, and regional luxury brands. Phoenix Marketcity in Chennai is more than simply a mall; it’s a confluence of fascinating cultures, lovely clothes, and high-end couture. A city within a city, in an urban setting with coexisting shopping, entertainment, and leisure options.

Palladium Chennai connotes high-end, luxurious shopping, an upscale shopping mall. The complex makes a bold design statement in the Chennai landscape thanks to its distinctive architecture. The opulent Palladium sprawl is home to a mix of retail and lifestyle businesses, with close to 70 retailers. The mall is home to a variety of cafes, fine dining restaurants, and salons in addition to premium labels and high fashion companies, making it the only of its kind for luxury retail in India.

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