Mesmerizing and Spectacular Performance by OTA Officers Leaves Onlookers Spellbound at Phoenix Marketcity Chennai



Chennai, January 27, 2024 – Phoenix Marketcity, one of the premium malls in Chennai, witnessed a breathtaking display of discipline, precision, cohesion, and musical prowess as the dynamic and distinguished cluster of the military officers from the highly esteemed Officers Training Academy (OTA) performed an exemplary display of their skills and expertise on the occasion of India’s 75th Republic Day celebrations at the Central Atrium of the mall. The event, held at Phoenix Marketcity, Chennai showcased the multifaceted talents of the OTA cadets and musicians, leaving the audience in awe. The 25-member band immersed themselves into a beautiful symphony orchestra filled with the patriotic spirit and fervour performed for songs such as Jai Ho, Kesari, Maa Tujhe Salaam and 12 other songs. The audience were cheering and were completely spellbound by the magnificently orchestrated musical performance and inspiring movements reminiscing old memories of the great sacrifices and dedication of our gallantry armed officers.

The evening unfolded with an impeccable display of drill formations and military precision, setting the tone for an extraordinary performance. The OTA band which comprises exceptionally talented cadets as they took centre stage and treated the audience with a musical extravaganza that seamlessly blended with our patriotic tradition and contemporary flair.

The musical repertoire featured a diverse range of notable compositions from patriotic anthems to modern tunes highlighting the versatility and grandeur of the esteemed OTA band. The cadets’ dedication to their craft was evident as they flawlessly executed each piece, capturing the hearts of the visitors with their passion and enthusiasm sparkling with national pride. The atmosphere was charged with patriotic fervour as the cadets paid homage to the nation through soul-stirring renditions of patriotic songs. The audience, comprising both civilians and military personnel joined in the celebration of the country’s spirit, creating a sense of unity and pride.

Mr. Sabari Nair – Centre Director – Phoenix Marketcity Chennai commented “We are delighted to host the OTA performance and firmly believe that Phoenix Marketcity Chennai has provided a great platform to celebrate the talent and dedication of the officers from OTA on the occasion of Republic Day. We believe in cherishing this patriotic spirit ignited with a passion to salute and honour the army officers on this red-letter day. “

As the Officer Training Academy continues to uphold the values of discipline, excellence, and camaraderie the performance at Phoenix Marketcity Chennai serves as a testament to their commitment to both military service and cultural enrichment.

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