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Vasan Suri

My career started on 1st July 1982 and still going strong. Thanks to the Almighty and my parents blessings. As I always mention, “Love for Mother became Love for Leather”.

My sincere thanks to Tejoomals’ as without them, I may not be what I am today. Every morsel of grain I eat is their blessing and I have learnt everything only from that University of Tejoomals’.

It looks as though, I joined yesterday and 40 years have gone by.

I have had the best fortune to be in the Leather Industry and getting first hand experience, in each and every type of Leathers from Raw Material (including slaughter houses) up to Finished Leather.

It has been a great blessing to have tread a path wherein I could work with Goat, Buffalo, Cow, Sheep & Splits.

It is a rare feat that someone is gaining knowledge in every area and quarter of the Industry. It is all because of many people, who motivated me and kept clapping at my success and supported me during tough times.

The journey did not remain just about the type of Leathers and had the luck to go through every product and get enormous experience from Sourcing, Manufacturing, Marketing including accounts.

Traveling within India and around the World for the past 35 years helped me to gain the knowledge, experience & exposure in All types of Finished Leathers, Shoes, Bags, Belts, Garments, Gloves, Safety & Industrial Shoes, Lifestyle Products & Equestrian Products.

This was possible with many people from the industry chirping in with their knowledge and experience and I owe it to one and all, from an operator to the CMD of the business.

I would like to mention here the names of such people who have made an everlasting impression on my life and career that, whatever I do reminds me of them.

I am thankful to those Great people of our Industry and their contribution in my growth, is phenomenal.

Hence, I chose to make this small humble submission and they will be my inspiration and driving force till the end of my life.

They never brought me to a drawing board and taught me. They performed and I emulated their mannerism, attitude and excellence to suit my way.

They risked by allowing me to do what I wanted and the way I wanted and that is how, I am here.

There are many others who definitely were there as a part of my long journey but, could not write here all the names but, will write to them personally.

I would like to thank my Wife, Daughter, Sisters & Brother who were there with me and allowed me to carry on with my first love, “LEATHER”. Their support is immense and thank them whole heartedly in this moment.

Leatherly yours,

Vasan. Suri

#The Sculptors of my Career & Life#

1. SMK Shankar – He is more like my Elder Brother who brought me in to the Industry and blesses me always for my well being. Though, he was my Boss, he introduced me in the Leather Market as his Brother.

A man with the Golden Heart and who will go out of the way to help anyone.

2. TJ Navaneethan – The great person who taught me the ABC of Leather and always wished my growth and development.

He always admired my talent and never envied. Wherever you may reach in life the basics and alphabets that you learnt in the early ages, only makes you strong. A teacher, friend and an elder brother.

3. P. H. Mahtani – My God Father, who shaped up my life in to Leather Industry by promoting and pushing me in to every problems so that, I get all the experience and always had the end of the rope in his hand.

Learnt from him the spontaneity in public speech, how to carry oneself in the public, how to be a showman.

4. Sampanghi Manohar – Richard Branson of my life. He always used to tell me that, never say I don’t know. Take a plunge and you will know.

A great motivator, friend, brother. Lost him in the first Corona wave.

5. M. H. Mahtani – Perfection is Synonymous to this Great Boss of my life.

He taught me discipline, perfection and minute calculations. We could make our P&L on a monthly basis with detailed analysis.

Had a great eye for the shoes and if I am giving color names properly, all credit goes to him.

6. Artorn Kanjapanjapol – A Big Brother from Thailand and can look up to him for any technical support at any time.

7. Shahin Fatemi – A Great Businessman from Iran and had a vision to create a Brand. He had all of his nerves think and feel for the passionate Brand he created.

In detail analysis of quality from every angle of manufacturing and marketing to the minute detail.

8. Glenn Mitchell – A friend from Australia and a fantastic designer and Brand leader. It was always a joy sitting opposite him and work on designs in detail in the leather accessories and make the color combination.

Not keeping well and down with Cancer at the moment.

9. Sukhi & Bubbles – The Brothers Duo, who make India proud by their quality and delivery of lifestyle products.

You name the best Brand in the World and they work with them. Any customer entering in to work with them remain permanent.

10. Tarun Oberoi – Genius is a underrated word. I had the luck to rub shoulders with him.

How he plans to target a business, his preparations, execution and all done in style is a treat to watch.

11. Vikash Gupta – Successful owner of a make in india lifestyle brand. The commitment and never say die attitude is a great character.
He maintains his cool even at the worst situation and looks for solution.

Even at his worst mood can switch over with a lovely smile to motivate a person or a team of people.

& not to miss out on my great friend, guide & philosopher, Gulam Mastan.

Though, the list is big, these Great people mentioned above are thick and thin in my nerves and blood and every act of mine, is definitely a leaf taken from one of them, though presented in my way.

Vasan. Suri

Vasan Suri with his wife Mrs.Lalitha & daughter  Pram Priyanca

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