22Yards and R. Ashwin and Gen Next partner to build a cricket Ecosystem across India Starts it Summer Camp from 14th April 2023


22Yards- founded by Adithya Ravi a Cricket fanatic who moved from Coimbatore to Chennai in the aspiration of becoming a cricketer when he was 16.

He was initially spotted by R. Ashwin mentored – Gen Next Cricket Institute in 2014 and who was given opportunity to showcase his skill in his League Team.

However in the following years he found it very difficult to get into a league team, since he was unaware of Opportunities and where to approach.

In the difficult times the idea that sparked, paved the way for “22Yards” which started as a Talent Identifying and recruiting platform to help talented cricketers across Tamilnadu to get recognized.

One after the other, the Talent platform required match exposure to taste the players skills, hence started organizing their own Tournaments, which led them to build their own Infrastructure across Chennai.

22Yards now boasts 5 + Cricket Grounds – signature being 2 Floodlight Cricket Ground a unique facility only next to the MAC stadium.

To handle all the players data, the birth of 22YARDS scoring App paved way, which is one centre platform, which helps identify players not mere through Nets selection but backed by players Data in matches to Identify talents easily.

“I Used to regularly Update Ashwin na on our progress for around 4 to 5 years now. He gives his feedback and even gets on calls to guide me a way forward even on his busy schedule”.

We found lots of raw Talents across Tamilnadu, who needs some fine tuning and mentorship to become excellent Cricketers. This paved the partnership of “22Yards Gen Next” in the able leadership of Prithi Ashwin who trains these Talents, who are trained, given various match scenarios and once fit, will be given to our Talent scouts Team who vigorously place Talents in Local Leagues and even in premiere Leagues from this season with support of R. Ashwin.

To facilitate this we have developed a best – in – class Infrastructure with floodlights Ground and Nets with accomodation and a training facility – making it a Cricket Hub

With this proven concept we have plans on expanding Pan India. We have also raised our 1st round of Funding from A core set of Indian origin overseas investors have invested in 22Yards who are avid cricket fans as well

To Join our summer camp- 3 days Free on 14,15 & 16th April 2023. For Registration CT- 8925724222

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