How Vijayakanth got Covid-19?


In a shocker to fans and followers of DMDK president Vijayakanth, it was reported that he has tested positive for Covid-19 and was admitted to a private hospital in Chennai.

His party came out with a statement this morning, in which it was said that when Vijayakanth went to hospital for his routine health check-up, he was found with mild Covid symptoms.

“However, it has ben cured and Captain is now completely alright,” the statement added. It is learnt that the actor-turned politician is admitted to MIOT Hospital, Ramapuram, Chennai.

It is said that Vijayakanth got the infection at a recent party function to celebrate the anniversary of the DMDK.

Actor-politician Sarathkumar and others have wishes speedy recovery of Vijayakanth. A social media user posted, “DMDK Leader Captain #Vijayakanth Tested Positive for Covid-19 Virus..He is admitted in MIOT Hospital,Chennai. My Prayers For a Speedy Recovery..#CaptainVijayakanth will definitely fight back and he will be Alright..Get well Soon Sir..👍👍

Another post said, “It’s shocking to hear that D.M.D.K party leader & Actor “Captain” @vijayakanth tested positive for COVID.  Who admitted in private hospital in Chennai City.  My prayers for speedy recovery… #vijayakanth #DMDK #CaptainVijayakanth.”


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