Confusion over SPB’s health condition


Contradictory messages from various sources about S P Balasubrahmanyam’s health condition led to confusion in media circles and among fans on Monday.

To start with, the publicist of SPB’s son S P Charan issued a release to the media, which quoted Charan and said the singer had recovered from Covid-19. Even as media channels flashed the ‘news’ in a big manner, Charan released a video statement, calling the claim as ‘rumour’.

“I usually post a health update of Appa after consulting with the medical team and then, pass the information to the media. Today, unfortunately, there was a rumor that dad is negative for COVID 19. Regardless of positive or negative, his condition remains the same. He is in ECMO life support and ventilator, he is stable, fortunately. We are hopeful that this stability will help him to recover from the lung infection. Please kindly refrain from rumor-mongering,” said Charan, reacting to media reports based on the statement from his publicist.

In the meantime, the PR team of MGM Hospital, where SPB is getting treatment, requested journalists to carry reports on the singer’s health only after verifying with them. While these contrasting claims led to confusion, the hospital released a statement later in the day, stating that SPB’s health is stable, but he is still on ventilator and ECMO support.

Millions are praying for the recovery for SPB and it is everyone’s request that there should be proper updates on his health condition.


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