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King arrives in style


– Review

Shah Rukh Khan is an orphan who becomes a soldier after growing up. He is ready to die for the country and later joins ‘RAW’ where he does a lot of missions for India.

He gets severely injured during one mission and comes out of ‘RAW’. He develops a special team who are all out of ‘RAW’ due to injuries during missions.

His team is called by the government to catch John who was a part of RAW but becomes a traitor. Who is John? Was Shah Rukh Khan and his team able to nab John forms the rest of the story.

Director Siddharth Anand has not only made the film with his trademark twists but has made sure that there is enough stuff for Shah Rukh fans to cheer. While the plot is not something new, the screenplay and narration keep the audience engaged.

SRK’s wit and charm make even some routine scenes enjoyable. Despite being a serious character, his unique sense of humour showcases his specialty. His expressions are a treat to watch and creates a huge impact on the viewers.

Deepika Padukone excelled as an agent. did equally well as SRK during the action episodes.

John Abraham is apt as the villain. He is more stylish than the hero and did a very good job. Rest of the supporting cast have all done their part well.

Music by Sanchit Balhara – Ankit Balhara is high on energy and pulsating.

Rating: 4/5  

By Naveen


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