Karuppangadu Valasu – Review by Naveen


Village vintage

Karuppangadu Valasu

– Review

Director Selvendhiran has made this film in the backdrop of the village and has added a few thriller elements to it which makes it a decent watch.

Neelima Rani is a divorcee and daughter of the village president in Karuppangadu Valasu.
To overcome her marriage she decides to improve the infrastructure of the village and turn it into a smart village.

However her idea is opposed by the people in the village. She somehow manages to convince those who opposed her ideas. Finally the entire village agrees to develop the infrastructure.

To celebrate this, a festival was held in the village. When everything seemed to be alright, four persons were murdered during the festival. Why were they murdered and did Neelima turn her village into a smart one forms the rest of the story.

The director has captured the lifestyle of the people there. Though the story line seems interesting, he could have concentrated more on the screenplay and presentation.

Neelima Rani has acted sensibly and performs her character well. Ebinezar Devaraj suits the character of a folk artiste and gives life to his role.

The remaining cast and crew also have done their part well.  Music by Aadithya -Suriya has worked out in bits and pieces. The BGM could have been a little better. Shravan Saravanan’s cinematography is above average.

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

By Naveen


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