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‘Karnan’ directed by Maari Selvaraj with Dhanush in the lead role is one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

The theme of the film is no surprise as it talks about oppression. But Maari Selvaraj has ensured that the audience understand the plight of the people who are suppressed.

He has put in so much detailing into the movie that even the birds and animals help in telling the story and creating the much needed impact.

The first half is a tad slow as Maari Selvaraj uses it to establish the characters which is very important for a film like this. It is during the second half that the movie picks up pace.

Dhanush has once again handled a heavy character and has delivered it with ease. He shines as the angry young man and lets his acting do all the talking. Lal as Yeman Thatha has a strong role to play.

The major success of the movie lies in the way in which Maari Selvaraj makes us feel for the characters. Santhosh Narayanan’s music adds the much needed emotion for the scenes. Theni Eswar’s camera has captured the lives of the villages with nativity.

Overall ‘Karnan’ voices out for the oppressed in a more sound manner.

Rating: 4/5
By Naveen

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