Jungle Cruise – Movie Review by Naveen


Jungle Cruise


The story is set in 1916 and revolves around Dr Lily Houghton(Emily Blunt) who wants to travel to the Amazon Rainforest to extract a flower from the ancient Tree Of Life.

It is believed that the extracts of the petal are life-saving and can cure any illness. Lily reluctantly takes the help of Frank Wolff (Dwayne Johnson), captain of a rickety boat, who gives the cheapest guided cruise on the Amazon river.

Lily and her brother McGregor along with Frank set out on a journey full of hurdles, enemies and adventure.
Director Jaume Collet Serra takes some time to reach the main plot of the film. The film’s plot is exciting for a adventure journey.

Dwayne Johnson is cast well in the role. He has tried humour in the character which could have been better, but he makes it up with the action.

Blunt is well adept in her role as the plucky thoroughly modern woman. Her action feels organic and fun to watch. Their chemistry is sweet. Jack Whitehall supports the movie perfectly.

The technical aspects of the movie including the CGI are good. Overall the film is a fun watch.

Rating: 4/5

By Naveen

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