Covid-19-unknown facts – is it an accident or design – Corona Spl. Article by Vasan Suri


1. The leak from Wuhan lab happened somewhere during last week of November.

2. First Death due to Corona Virus comes to light end December.

3. Chinese Spring Featival and New Year Celebrations were to start from 3rd week January.

4. Chinese Government did not want to make any alarm, before their own citizen could reach back to their own cities or towns or villages.

5. Meanwhile, Chinese administration were preparing for medical urgency and lockdown and isolating Wuhan totally.

6. I was myself there at Guangzhou and Guangdong province between 4-12th January and everything was normal and all my Chinese friends were in a mood to go home for holidays.

7. All over China was preparing for the New Year with whole Country hanging the traditional red lit stars all over their homes, streets and offices.

8. From 15th all of the foreigners who were there in Wuhan from Italy, Iran, US, UK, Spain, Germany and other parts of China went back to their places unmindful of the virus they were traveling with.

9. Having gone back home, they were caught unaware of the danger they were in and were mixing with all their relatives and friends and that is how the Corona Virus could spread like wild fire and the increase in the casualties.

10. Meanwhile, China announces its warning when everyone reached back to their homes for New Year Celebrations and warned off, the problem. Everyone remained feared and were indoors.

11. The Chinese administration cordoned off Wuhan and did not allow any more movement of people restricting the spread.

12. Whatever casualties happened in other parts of China was due to the people who came back from Wuhan or contracted through some common friends and meanwhile lockdown was in force, the whole Country was saved.

13. Other European Countries could not do that and in fact, they were all moving free. This allowed the escalation of the virus and its spread.

14. In India, the seriousness was felt only from mid March and by last week were under lockdown. Strong steps by Government both state and central Government helped to control the spread to a great extent.

15. The spike yday was due to the irresponsible behaviour of the Tablighi jamaat markaz at Nizamuddin and the way they were spread around the Country.

16. China, meanwhile broke the Chain and all are back to work and in fact supplying to the World masks and other protective gears and their factories are busy.

17. Even, bag and wallet producers were converted to as mask manufacturers and ventilator producers.

18. Was it an accident or a design?

19. There used to be news earlier about US bombing first and going for rebuilding later at Iran, Kuwait etc.,

20. Why the virus was being developed?
What was their original plan?
If this leak would not have happened, what would have been the damage if they would have targeted right.
Were they following a similar pattern of what was being spoken about US as destruction and construction state.

21. Important question is this. If the New Year Holidays were not intervening, how China would have handled the crisis understanding the busy streets and markets of all major cities in China and specially Wuhan with so many foreigners involved.

“Truth will emerge one day.”

Meanwhile, let us all stay home and stay safe. Maintain social distancing. Get tested if we have any doubt about our health. Stay quarantined.

Let us not allow any design or conspiracy challenge our Country or our unity in thought and action.

Jai Hind!

By Vasan Suri

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