MasterChef India Tamil: Top 12 revealed in an emotional journey of taste and tradition!


When a home cook steps into the MasterChef kitchen, the ultimate aspiration is to don the coveted white apron with their name written on it. In the recent episode of MasterChef India Tamil, the show reached a pivotal moment as it unveiled its top twelve home cooks.

What set the selection apart was a unique challenge, Flip the board, given by the judges. Home cooks were tasked to mirror their reflection quite literally. On flipped their chopping boards, they met with the sight of themselves, a reminder of the journey they had embarked upon. The mission was to craft a dish that not only showcased their culinary skills but also captured their essence as an individual.
Among the 18 talented contenders who poured their hearts into crafting the dishes that resonated with their identity, one name shone brighter than the rest: Kavita, a resilient mother from Pondicherry. Her dish? It wasn’t just food; it was a heartfelt expression of love and longing for her children.

Talking about her start in MasterChef India Tamil kitchen Kavita said “I am excited to be a part of MasterChef India Tamil, the show is a ray of hope for me to reunite with my child. In every dish I cook, I’m not just blending ingredients; I’m blending my story, my love, and my dreams. Being a mother separated from her kid, every flavour carries my longing, my strength, and my unconditional love for him. So, when I served my son Hari Pratheesh Jayanth’s favourite, Cucumber Biscuit and Cucumber Salad with Kadai Gravy, it wasn’t just a dish; it was my heart on a plate. And that’s what got me here, proving that love truly does conquer all, even in the kitchen.”

As the competition heats up and culinary dreams take flight, MasterChef India Tamil proudly welcomes its top twelve home cooks, each bringing their unique flavours, stories, and aspirations to the forefront. Stay tuned as they embark on a flavourful journey like no other, in pursuit of culinary glory and the title of MasterChef India Tamil!

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