Hrithik Roshan talks about Allu Arjun & Vijay


Hrithik Roshan was in Chennai on Tuesday for a Rado event and was all praise for southern actors Allu Arjun and Vijay. There was also a meet and greet session with customers.

Talking about Allu Arjun’s dance, he said, “Energetic, strong and inspiring.” On Vijay’s dance, he said, “I think they have some secret diet over here because everybody’s energy level is so amazing here. I would love to learn what they eat before they dance.”

Asked about do, and don’ts at dance, Hrithik  said, “Exercise and rehearse a great deal. Get everything and forget about it. Totally forget about it and love yourself. Keep in mind it is about expressions if you’re a celebrity. If you’re a warrior a great deal of abilities will come into playwith.”

When asked whether he had watched any southern film recently, he said, “I haven’t watched any southern movie recently, but I have always been a very big fan of artistic technicalities of the films here. It is something that we can learn from. That is one thing I would love to do a film just to learn that. In fact, I don’t mind being an assistant.”


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