#Good Samaritan – Humanity lives# – Sunday Spl. Article by Vasan Suri

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On the National Highway from Bangalore to Chennai, right after the Ranipet toll, you will find the tea shops lined up.

This tea shop which is second in the row, had more crowd. Out of curiosity, wanted to check and found the quality good.

Banana, Onion and Green Chilli Bajji were being served fresh and everyone seemed to enjoy that.

In the evening, to have a light snack with Tea or Coffee, is a part of Indian culture and the right place.

Suddenly, a red board in the corner attracted and looking closely in to it, found the images of the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Late Karma Veerar Kamaraj and our respectable President of India, Late Dr. Abdul Kalam.

What was further interesting were the verses written on the board. Since, it is in Tamil, translating it for better understanding.

* Tea will be provided @Rs. 5/- on the Birthday of Mr. Kamaraj.

* Tea will be provided @Rs.5/- on the Birthday of Dr. Abdul Kalam.

* Physically challenged or Alternatively abled persons will be given @Rs.5/- all through the year.

* 50 people per day will be provided free tiffin in the evening.

* Children fed with bottle milk, will be provided with milk free of charge.

What a noble thought by a tea shop owner. The best part is the selection of images along with these verses. He had selected the real heroes of TN and India.

Late Kamaraj and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, died with no bank balance. They lived for the people (not for their relatives) and served the Nation with all righteousness.

Late Kamarajar, was the one who started the free noon meal scheme for the school going children. The poor people atleast then, would send their children to school was his motive.

Dr. Abdul Kalam, made a payment to the Government for the expenses incurred during his relatives visit to the President’s Bungalow (Rashtrapati Bhawan), when he was the President of India.

Humanity always lives. Thought of sharing the excellent personality and the heart of a Tea Shop owner.

INDIA will always stay ahead in this aspect of simplicity, humanity and character.


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