Dhanush announces ‘The Gray Man’ sequel in style

A week after the Russo brothers confirmed the return of Ryan Gosling in ‘The Gray Man’ sequel as well as a spin-off, Dhanush took to Twitter to announce that he will be reprising his role as Avik San aka The Lone Wolf alongside Ryan Gosling’s Six.
He wrote on Twitter, “The Gray Man universe is expanding and the sequel is coming… Lone Wolf is ready, are you? #TheGrayMan.” He also shared an audio clip with the post, in which he had a message for Gosling’s Sierra Six character.
And it sounds like this time, both Six and Avik San are looking for the same person.
In the recording, Dhanush is heard reciting the lines: “Six, this is Lone Wolf. I hear they are both looking for the same man. I want to offer you some advice.”
“Stop looking. You are wasting your time. Because if I find him first, there will be nothing left for you to look for. And if you find him first, then I will find you. Nothing personal.”
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