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Hilarious moments from Impractical Jokers that you would want to try out on Your Best Friend

 Spending your days watching your closest friends embarrass themselves as you wage the ultimate war of pranks? Sounds like The Plan. Childhood best friends Brian “Q” Quinn, James “Murr” Murray, Joseph “Joe” Gatto and Salvatore “Sal” Vulcano are living out our dream lives! Are we right or are we right? The dynamic comedy troupe pitched Impractical Jokers back in 2011 and recorded the pranks on their phones.

From absurd instructions dictated by the other jokers, to amusing reactions of the public, the show will leave you in splits throughout. The tagline of the show, “you refuse-you lose” suggests, if the improviser is unable to perform adequately, the ensuing punishment is painfully embarrassing; you’re bound to be laughing as hard as the other improvisers as the loser thoroughly humiliates himself.

While the numerous seasons are littered with comedy gold, we’ve done the impossible task of choosing the funniest pranks of all time. Look no further; these entertaining pranks will have you laughing for days! Catch the S06 and S08 episodes, Monday-Friday at 7 PM only on Comedy Central India.

  1. Season 2 Episode 24 – The Chicken Finger Fast BallImpractical Jokers - Chicken Finger Fastball | Impractical jokers, Jokers wild, Joker

This hysterical episode nearly got one of the nicest improvisers Sal, punched on the national television! He’s given a simple task of serving people at a grill in New Jersey, with the other jokers controlling his moves behind the scenes. Hilarity ensues when he’s challenged to throw a chicken finger at an unsuspecting stranger, who comes angrily charging to Sal, demanding an explanation. The jokers crack up as the burly, tattooed man gets increasingly angry while a flustered Sal trying to calm him down.

2.Season 3 Episode 1 – Murr goes Skydiving Season 

Impractical Jokers" Look Out Below (TV Episode 2014) - IMDb


The best part of having close friends is that they know you inside out. That certainly isn’t the case for Murr as his friends plan the ultimate punishment – facing his biggest fear for the world to see. All the jokers are well aware of the fact that Murr is deathly afraid of heights, and as a punishment he’s made to go skydiving! Watching Murr practically have a meltdown with his crying and screaming is simultaneously rib tickling and tortuous to watch, making this punishment a perfect combination of disbelief, distress and public humiliation for the fellow improviser.

3.Season 3 Episode 26 –  Permanent Punishment

The Permanent Punishment | truTV.com

To mark their very first three-way loss, the Jokers got a very special and permanent reminder of their failure – tattoos! Perhaps one of the most extreme punishments on the show’s run, each losing Joker got a mortifying inking branded for life. Q gets a cat with the caption, “38. Lives Alone. Has 3 cats”, while Murr got a ferret skydiving, a permanent reminder of his nightmarish skydiving punishment earlier in the season. The weirdest and most unforgettable tattoo goes to Sal, who got a large thigh tattoo of actor Jaden Smith. 4.Season 7 Episode 26 –  Ill-Conceived Holiday Menu

 In this comical episode, Sal turns waiter serving holiday specials to innocent restaurant goers who have no idea what an eclectic menu Sal has planned on. The episode truly highlights the bond between the improvisers as they all burst into laughter. With a menu including “Bittersweet Chicken Lungs With Michael’s blessing” and “ A full branzino that’s semi-unconscious, guaranteed to awaken mid-meal”, Sal fails to convince patrons to order, but he definitely succeeds in having us rolling over the floor laughing!

5.Season 8  Episode 9 – Cake Loss

Impractical Jokers: Top 5 Worst Punishments of Season 8

Q is given this amusing punishment of posing as a judge for a cake decorating competition. Your inner 5 year old comes to life as you watch Q walk around causing wreckage everywhere, from smashing contestant’s cakes to randomly taking bites out of cakes. The jokers bring about a twist by telling Q he isn’t in fact a judge, but a contestant himself. The looks the contestants and Q have on their faces are priceless when he ends being the winner of the competition, with the other jokers’ uproarious laughter bellowing in the background.


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