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5 motivating TV shows that will make inspiration strike

Every entrepreneur has an immense drive to create, invent and use their incredible business acumen to make the world a better place. The world is full of bright young inventors looking for that spark that pushes them to put their very best foot forward in the business world. The journey to the top of that entrepreneurial ladder is no easy feat and it comes with plenty of hurdles and challenges that would surely leave anyone stumped.

Everyone could use a pick me up, a source of encouragement to brighten their day and it is rightly said that inspiration can strike anywhere, be it talking to your colleague, walking on the street, or simply binging some revolutionary content. Consuming entrepreneurial entertainment allows you to watch the challenges others faced, empathize with their struggles, and most importantly, observe how they overcome hardships.

These intriguing TV shows bring the best of entertainment, and a learning experience all in one delightful package. Catch up on these 5 rousing TV shows to get your business brain up and running!

  1. Shark Tank on Colors Infinity and Voot Select
  2. About Shark Tank TV Show Series

Shark Tank is an entrepreneur’s para-para-paradise. Every episode features a wide range of entrepreneurs pitching their state-of-the-art ideas to some of the world’s most successful investors and business tycoons. From seeing 8-year old’s confidently present their OG ideas, to watching people dedicate their entire lives for bringing their businesses alive, Shark Tank is a gold mine for inspiration and will definitely help you channel your inner industrialist

2.Silicon Valley on Disney+Hotstar

Television Review: “Silicon Valley”'s second season is better, faster,  stronger. | by Nicholas Laskin | Sitcom World | Medium

This Emmy award-winning TV show truly embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. Set in the heart of the tech-hub Silicon Valley, the series documents a young programmer’s startup journey with establishing his business while facing competition from larger companies. Loved by audiences and critics alike for its biting satire, excellent performances, and realistic portrayal of an entrepreneur’s life, Silicon Valley is one for the ages.

3.Dynasty on Netflix

Dynasty' Season 3 Netflix Release Date: When is the New Season on Netflix?

Dynasty is based on the illustrious Carrington family and the various business endeavors and dealings the rich and famous engage in. While the series is based on a soap opera, with never-ending twists, turns, and drama, there is definitely a lesson to be learnt when it comes to dealing with finances. No matter what trial by fire the troublesome family is facing, they are always business minded and assertive with their corporate decisions. Watching the wild family constantly reinvent themselves is simultaneously entertaining and inspirational – the best of both worlds!

4.Suits on Colors Infinity

7 reasons why you need to watch Suits immediately | British GQ

 Suits is one of the most famous and loved legal dramas of all time and for good reason. With powerhouses like Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson at the center of the eminent law firm, Suits is an unending source of motivation for every young professional looking to make their mark. Every character radiates with power, confidence and poise that serves as a blueprint for the youth becoming the next future indisputable leaders at their workplace and not to forget the show also embodies powerful duos like Harvey-Mike and Harvey-Donna which are legit Goals!

5.Succession on Disney+Hotstar

Everything you need to know about Succession season 2

A recipient of numerous awards, including a Golden Globe and a several Emmys’, Succession is a satirical comedy drama based on a global media conglomerate controlled by the Roy family that threatens to crumble in the wake of the family’s patriarch’s ailing health. The series brilliantly explores the conflict of power and influence involved in running a successful corporation, with plenty of laughs on the perilous journey.



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