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As govt relaxes restrictions, Sakshi Agarwal hits gym

On the very first day of the reopening of gyms across Tamil Nadu on Monday, after the government relaxed Covid-19 induced lockdown restrictions, Sakshi Agarwal landed in a fitness centre and worked out well.

A fitness freak, Sakshi was excited over hitting the gym after a long gap of five months. “I feel like a kid in a candy shop now,” said the ‘Kaala’ actress and ‘Bigg Boss’ inmate.

Sakshi made sure that she had checked her temperature and oxygen levels checked, put on a pair of plastic shoe covers and a face shield before she started her work out session.

While actress Sakshi Agarwal is now being hailed for her fit look, she had recently revealed that she used to be fat when she was young and she was shamed for that.

Posting pictures of her old and now looks, she wrote: “How many of you believe its the same person? Yes its ME! Both of them! Loosing facial fat has been my biggest challenge. Yes, I was bullied in school by my class mates and seniors by the “Pretty” girls or the so called “ Hot” girls !

Some of them called me “Mud-head” some of them “Book-Worm” and many “ Gundu Foosnika” (dont blame them actually I want to thank them). But I dint budge coz at that time , my Academics was the only thing in my head and I made sure I aced everywhere right through school to MBA!I loved and love my chubby version and I love what I am today (still chubby😝), but I decided to do this for me, only for me 🌸💞


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