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Political power working against me: Vijayalakshmi

It seems actress Vijayalakshmi has decided to put up a brave fight against the ‘forces that are working against her’. The ‘Friends’ star, who attempted suicide on Sunday, has now come out of the hospital alleging that she was sent out of the hospital.

Speaking to the media, she said that she had no clue why she was discharged from the hospital abruptly and alleged that there was political power play involved.

“There is no limit to Seeman’s atrocities. I have been releasing videos and photos of the leader and he has just turned a blind eye towards them. If he responds and comes forward to talk, we can resolve this matter easily. But, instead, he is going on spreading derogatory rumours about me and that I am doing drama,” she said.

“I had consumed seven pills the other day and had almost died. I have hypertension as well. I am shocked that this happened to me,” she said and added: “My dying statement was taken by a Judicial Magistrate at the hospital after I was admitted there following my suicide attempt.”

“I am unwell and I am not in a condition to talk further. Otherwise, I would have protested here sitting on the road. My only question is why are they playing politics with my life. My suicide attempt is not going to affect Seeman’s life. But, how can Hari Nadar threaten me and say that he would cut off my tongue if I didn’t stop talking about Seeman. How can I not defend myself?” she said.


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