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Vijayalakshmi, who was hospitalised after she attempted suicide on Sunday, has released a video message on the issue.

The actress, who is seen in the video with a tube fixed to her nose, said, “Everyone has saved me. I’m OK. Your love, in some form, saved me. But I don’t know how people like Seeman can play politics with the life of someone who has lost the will to live and wants to die and enjoy.”

She added: “I was very serious yesterday about not wanting to live further. Many friends spoke to me this morning, and I thank them all. But saying that I’m a stooge of a political party is very bad. Then, no one will respect Indians. Try to be more human.”

She said further, “Nothing was drama. I have not been given food since yesterday afternoon. I’ve been vomiting. There have been a lot of changes in my BP and heart rate. I’m struggling a lot. No one will do this even if they are offered crores. I was really vexed. I love you all.”

According to Vijayalakshmi, “I’m so sick of Seeman. I don’t know if he is human or an animal. I live for the sake of you all. Please do not politicise this issue. Don’t play with someone’s life. No one will take such risks and try to die. I am especially not such a cheap person.”

“All of you are praying for me. Thank you. I’m already under mental pressure, so please do not write obscenely about this issue. I have lots of love and respect on you all. I will soon recover and get back to all of you. So, please take care. Thank you,” she concluded.


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