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Rashmika’s new episode

Rashmima Mandanna, who is a regular on social media, has shared part three of the short story she began penning in June.

Uploading pictures from a photo-shoot that feature her in a blue saree, she wrote: “Maira’s wait ensued in the blooming frontyard of the Agniv Mahal, like it had for years. With each passing sunrise, the walls of the house withstood ruthless sandstorms, prickly winters, and sultry summers. But through them all, Maira’s heart remained untarnished.”

She added: “And although she relentlessly waited for her true love that blossomed through the mysterious letter, her first love would always be that little girl who was everyone’s favourite, Maira herself. You see, back when she was a child, still bubbling with naive wonderment and bouts of untamed laughter, her father would pick her up in her arms as she ran back home after school every day. Tickling her and raising her high up in the air, he would ask, “who is the most beautiful of them all?”
And little Maira would pretend to be clueless, giggling under her breath, “is it Maa? Grandma?”. The tickles would only intensify until she finally said her own name, looking at her father with all the joy she could muster.
Thus, flooded with unconditional love throughout her childhood, Maira still radiated the same confidence and love for herself. And although she longed for company, each time the sun shone on Agniv Mahal, Maira loved herself and her life a little more, adorning her most suave sarees, playing with the marigolds, or dancing with the peacocks that graced the gardens of the Mahal.”


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