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Ileana talks about her new love

No, don’t get any ideas. Ileana D’Cruz has started loving herself and penned a heartfelt note on self love on her social media page.

“Been a strange couple of days…Felt great yesterday but today not so much… Didn’t even want to workout today but I still did it,” the actress said.

She said further: “I’d like to say that I feel frickin amazing after a workout but I didn’t. A tiny bit better but definitely not amazing. And that’s ok. The important thing is to accept it and not beat yourself up over it. If you’re feeling awful then that’s ok. You’re human.”

She added: “You’re allowed to break every now and again. Maybe break isn’t a good word but you’re allowed to bend instead of standing up tall, trying so hard to brave everything you’re feeling. Give yourself time. Time to breathe. Time to heal. Time to understand you.”

Ileana had recently responded angrily to a social media user who commented on her pimple. During an online question-answer session, a social media user wrote: “You have a pimple on your left cheek.”

To this, the actress answered: “Yes, I”m human, I”m pmsing, I get zits. What else would you like to know?”


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