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Vidya Pradeep narrates about the challenges faced by her

Actress Vidya Pradeep of ‘Maari 2’ and ‘Thadam’ fame is now a household name in Tamil Nadu, as she is playing the lead role in a popular serial named ‘Nayagi’.

In a latest post on social media, she has narrated the struggles she faced in the industry. “Before Thadam, there was a phase in my life when I had to walk out or replaced in six projects which I had signed, one after the other for very unprofessional reasons. I was heartbroken. Then I thought might be movie is not my cup of tea and just started focusing on my studies.”

She said, “Sruthi called around midnight and insisted that I meet the director next day for audition. This time I reached the movie office without any expectations. Then I met Magizh sir.”

Vidya stated further: “He mentioned that they were auditioning for the last few months because it is an intense character and this character is the core of the movie. Sir appreciated that my eyes are very powerful. The team didn’t confirm me but after speaking to Magizh sir for a brief time about the character I had a positive intuition.”

“Then after the look test I was confirmed for the role.Magizh sir was very kind and extremely professional. Sir used to encourage me after every good shot saying that “you are magic”. Sir knows how to bring the best out of an actor with affection and respect.Thadam restored my faith in the system of movie making . This also gave me a hope that you can still survive in the industry with your talent alone. There exists good film makers who look only for talent in an artist. But self made actors like me who don’t have a Godfather or recommendations or anybody to refer, should be prepared to face extreme hardships. You could be avoided, ignored or not even considered as an artist certain times because you don’t follow the ‘norms’,” she added.


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