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#Where is God# He is the Guide and The Guiding Force# Spiritual special article by Vasan. Suri

Episode – 2

There is only one God and we may worship the way we want.

HE is the wirepuller and controls everything in our lives. Everything and anything in this World happens only by his dictum.

We don’t meet someone without a reason or someone coming to you for any help or any other purpose, all have a meaning which is only known to the Almighty.

HE arranges every action and reaction of our lives. Best way is to surrender unto HIM. Be like a kitten to a Cat.

I would like to narrate a very interesting story, where God connects a chord from one side of the Geography to the other side.

A gentleman by name Mr. Khaivan Zangane, lives in Sanandaj (Kurdistan) Iran.

Somewhere in the year 2003, he gets a dream and finds a person and getting attracted to him. He was looking like a saint and with lot of hair curled up. He did not have any clue, as to who he was.

Next day, he gets in to the internet to search for saints from India and finds it as Puttaparthy Sai Baba, the same person who came in his dream.

This gentleman could not speak proper English but, decided to go and meet him in India. Those days Internet were much restricted and could not get more details being in Iran.

He had recently got married and told his Father that, he is venturing out to India to meet this saint.

His Father tried to stop him but, in vain. As he planned to leave, his wife said that she will go with him, come what may?

They booked the ticket by Iran Air, the only airline from Tehran to Mumbai and that too twice a week.

Sanandaj to Tehran was itself about 800kms and he reached Tehran Airport.

As he did the check in, he got two separate seats and not together. First time traveling to India and language is a problem and two separate seats.

Both were upset but, reconciled as there was no other alternative.
As they boarded the flight, Mr. Kaivan was sitting next to a unknown person and his wife was next to a old woman.

They know that the flight will arrive in Mumbai and did not know how to reach up to puttaparthy.

When the flight started descending and they were given the immigration forms to be filled up, Mr. Kaivan could see the person next to him fill it very fast and hence, he requested him to fill it up for him.

Just then, they got introduced and started talking to each other. The other gentleman was a Doctor by profession and had a restaurant at Bangalore and used to travel between Tehran and Bangalore via., Mumbai as his family was at Bangalore.

Mr. Kaivan enquired from him
about puttaparthy, he said that, it was less than 200kms from Bangalore and if they reach in Bangalore, they can be his guest and he will arrange their safe journey to Puttaparthy.

Mr. Kaivan felt very happy and was wanting to share that he found such a person and who is a Iranian and knows well to go to Puttaparthy.

As they landed at Mumbai and alighted from the aircraft, Mr. Kaivan introduced Dr. Karimi to his Wife and vice-versa.

At the same time his wife introduced the old woman as from Iran and traveling to Puttaparthy without a clue, same as these people.

Dr. Karimi came as a big support and encouragement for them. They stayed for the night in Mumbai and travelled to Bangalore by flight the next morning.

Dr. Karimi received them at the airport and took them home, as he had reached the previous night and have made all arrangements for their travel to Puttaparthy.

From the above series of events and how it unfolded, it is clearly seen that, when we surrender unto the Almighty, HE takes care of it. We need not worry about anything.

How wonderful is the story and its essence?

They were being pulled and connected by a subtle thread and they were made to reach, where they have to.

How they decided to travel to another Country in search of a saint?

Why they got two separate seats?

How come Dr. Karimi was sitting by his side?

How the old woman was planning and these people came to her support?

All these goes to prove that, everything and anything in the World happens only as per the will and wish of the Supreme God.

Let us surrender ourselves forgetting all our intelligence, money, power and ego to HIM and he will ensure that our life path is taken care.

By Vasan. Suri

This story was narrated by Dr. Karimi in 2005 and after two months, I met Mr. Kaivan at Sanandaj.

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