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Chinmayi slams Kalaignar TV for trolling Trisha, Aathmika and Nivetha Pethuraj

A recent show on Kalaignar TV had trolled Trisha, Aathmika and Nivetha Pethuraj and some of the comments, it is said, were below the belt.

Following this, singer-dubbing artiste Chinmayi Sripadha, who is a known fighter for the rights of women, expressed strong protest along with many other women activists.

Taking note of it, Kalaignar TV said that the necessary action has been taken and tweeted that it respects people’s feelings. The channel also removed the content.

Chinmayi posted: “I just got shared some content on Kalaignar TV. Day in and day out we struggle on the portrayal and shaming of women in public spheres. This wasn’t funny.

They just picked women professionals in the film industry and shamed them no end.It is almost as if some meme content writer wrote the script; and this ‘social media’ writing has now made the transition to Television.

That they approved and let this air is reflective of what exactly the channel and some of its employees think of the very women they work with.Not only do women actors have to ignore and normalize the persistently vulgar and verbal violence that’s unleashed on them in social media; we have to take the burden of educating these entitled people that this language is wrong. And when we do we are shamed for it”.


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