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Balakrishna talks about NTR Junior’s political entry

Balakrishna has spilled the beans on a lot of things, during his recent interview with a web channel. One among the things he spoke about is the political entry of NTR Junior.

“It all depends on the individual’s dedication. Tarak has a lot of future as a leading actor and we can’t compel him to leave his profession midway and come into politics,” he said.

The veteran actor added: “However, myself and father NTR have fulfilled both the duties as an actor and politician simultaneously. Eventually, it depends on the individual’s decision.”

On the recent comments by Naga Babu against him, Balakrishna said, “He is one who is talking and I don’t even respond to all those unnecessary stuff. Almost the entire Telugu film industry is standing in support of me, so, is there any need for me to counter those remarks.”

Talking about the controversies in Tollywood, the actor said, “Frankly speaking, I don’t get involved in any of these things. Why should I waste my time? Our film fraternity is filled with hypocrisy and sycophancy. And, I admit, I also have those plenty in quantity. I enjoy my life to the fullest and after my parents; I love the most about myself. It’s like an aura and I enjoy it.

Recently, MAA (Movie Artistes’ Association) organised a show in America and several personalities like Chiranjeevi went there and participated. I wasn’t even invited. They said that Rs 5 crore has been collected and who knows what happened to that money. Unlike Kollywood, we don’t even have an own building in Hyderabad and with all the egos and politics, I choose to stay away from it.”


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