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Ilayaraja misses this man so much

Purushothaman, a drummer and a close associate of maestro Ilayaraja, passed away due to illness recently. This has shocked the legendary composer, who has come out with a video paying tributes to Purushothaman.

In the video, Ilayaraja said, “Both of us didn’t spend much time with our family members but together, we worked on a daily basis. One day, instead of calling my wife’s name, I called Puru.”

He added: “Whenever I call his name, he would stand next to me or I would stand next to him in recording sessions.  He helped me to record a lot of songs in my career. My deepest condolences to Purushothaman’s family, may his soul rest in peace”.

Those who know both Ilayaraja and Purushothaman say that Purushothaman had a long journey with Ilayaraja and he was very helpful to the music director, who has delivered many evergreen songs in Tamil, Telugu and other languages.


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