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Sid Sriram’s super message

Youth sensation Sid Sriram, who celebrated his birthday on Tuesday (May 19), thanked his fans for all the love and penned a heartfelt note.

The singer said, “I’ve always felt like I’m on my way to something; like I’m constantly, gradually unearthing puzzle pieces that will someday lead to a core truth of sorts. Infinite currents. I don’t think we control which currents we come across, or which come our way; maybe that’s destiny.

But we do, consciously or subconsciously, chose which currents we follow. The moment you move into a current, I think that’s a point of inflection. I think I would describe my life thus far as countless currents, all different in intensity, tempo, shade, etc. Sometimes they move in harmony, sometimes they clash, sometimes they move in completely different dimensions, detached from one another.

Throughout my life, there has always been movement. Towards what? I’m not entirely sure, but towards something for sure. Sometimes I can feel a quick flash of it. Music has allowed me to really internalize the art of connection. And some of those points of true connection lead to a quick fleeting flash of the something I think I’m after. What do you get when you take the ego out of love? I think gratitude and understanding.

What do you get when you take the ego out of courage and confidence? I think, ultimately you get intensely powerful conviction, grounded in thoughtfulness. I’m grateful for existence, to feel deep love and to share it.

I pray I continue meeting people and moments that warrant celebration, that I continue going through experiences that allow me to learn myself, the world around me. That push me to evolve, through flaws, points of realization and understanding. Thank all of you for energy and light. Whenever we met or however we are connected, I appreciate you. Infinite, awe inspiring currents. All love, no hate.”


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